Syron’s work features in ‘Ship and Shore’

This work re-imagines European contact from an Indigenous perspective. 'Black Bastards Are Coming' by Gordon Syron, 2013 © Gordon Syron. ANMM Collection 00054536, reproduced courtesy of Gordon Syron and licenced for use by the museum

Gordon Syron’s paintings feature in a new exhibition ‘Ship and Shore’ which is on now outside the Australian National Maritime Museum at Darling Harbour Sydney.

This exhibition on display in the Wharf 7 forecourt, examines Cook’s voyage and its legacy, incorporating perspectives both of those aboard the Endeavour and the Indigenous inhabitants watching it from the shore.

It was a pivotal moment when two cultures – neither able to communicate or comprehend the other’s world, collided with near fatal consequences for the Indigenous custodians of the land, and their culture – a culture which we now know stretches back at least 60,000 years.


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