Down the Barrel: Indigenous resistance – exhibition by Elaine Pelot Syron

down the barrel exhibition (c) Elaine Pelot Syron

From the 3rd August to the 26th August there will be an exhibition of Elaine Pelot Syron’s photography. The photographs document Indigenous Resistance in and around Sydney from 1972 to the present. The exhibition is titled ‘Down the Barrel: Indigenous Resistance’ and has been curated by Rebekah Raymond.

Th exhibition is on at the Verge Gallery, City Road, Sydney

Down the Barrel: Indigenous Resistance is a solo exhibition of works by Elaine Syron. Syron’s photographs capture Indigenous resistance in and around Sydney over the past four decades. From grassroots movements to mass protests, her photographs document moments that changed history, united mobs and paved the way for future generations. Down the Barrel: Indigenous Resistance begins with Elaine’s rarely-seen photographs and expands to posters and archival documents from 1972 to today. The exhibition embraces the connections and tangents of history and storytelling. The exhibition title Down the Barrel alludes to the photographic medium and immersive style used by Syron. This title speaks to the very real dangers faced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples then and now.’

All photographs (c) Elaine Pelot Syron


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