‘Gordon Syron and the Art of the Invasion’ by Jason Rudy

In what ways might art resist a colonial state?

Jason Rudy, Professor of English at the University of Maryland, College Park has published an article entitled ‘Gordon Syron and the Art of the Invasion’.

The article, published on the website Public Books, gives a short biography of Syron and then focusses on some of his more famous works and the impact they have had on society:

‘The tranquil portentousness of Invasion I explodes into violence with Syron’s 1997 Terror Nullius I, now housed at the Australian National Maritime Museum in Sydney. The canvas directly confronts one of white Australia’s core narratives, reframing the British celebratory arrival in Sydney Harbor as rapacious invasion. Shifting the perspective to deep within the Australian bush, the painting looks out on British redcoats raising the Union Jack on a shoreline as others bearing muskets approach the observers’ point of view. We know what will follow.’

Read the full article published on Public Books

Prof. Jason Rudy 


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