Crowdfunding campaign

A crowdfunding campaign has been set up to request emergency support for the Syrons’ unique Aboriginal art collection, which includes Gordon Syron’s art, Elaine Syron’s historical photographs and works by artists like… Adam Hill aka Blak Douglas, Brad Webb, Dr Bronwyn Bancroft, Carmel Nicholson, Christine Christopherson, Daphne Wallace, Darren Cooper, David Janganlinji, Digby Moran, Euphemia Bostock, Genevieve Grieves, Gordon Hookey, James P. Simon, Jason Pitt, Walangari Karntawarra, Cecil Bowden, Jeffrey Samuels, Joe Hurst, Karen Casey, Dr Jenny Fraser, Karla Dickens, Bibi Barbra, Laddie Timbrey, Merv Bishop, Michael Riley, Roy Kennedy, Shane Hanson, Shirley Amos, Bibi Barba, Teena McCarthy, Tim Ives, Tracey Moffatt, Robin Nganjmirra, Clifford Possum, Gabriella Possum, Emily Kngwarreye, Mary Dixon, Gordon Pupugamirri, Kamahi Djordon King, Djawida Nadjongorle, Abraham Dakgalawuy, Lindsay Bird Petyarre, David Cameron, Joshua Bangarr, Chris Ngaboy, Yarramunua, Vivianne Gilbert Muiya, Billy Petyarre, Michael Jagamara Nelson, Lily Sandover, and Dorsey Smith.

The money raised will first go to the top priority – moving the collection and the Syrons to a single secure location – which would help greatly to reduce their storage costs and ensure safety for the collection. The second priority will be to hire someone to help Uncle Gordon and Elaine to try to find a way to make the museum ‘The Keeping Place’ a reality.

Gordon and Elaine

Gordon and Elaine

For more details please see: GoFundMe



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