Culture Wars II – Gordon Syron Exhibition

Visitor to culture wars II by Gordon Syron

If you didn’t get a chance to see Gordon’s exhibition Culture Wars II at the Downing Centre in 2015 there is a youtube video showing the opening of this exciting exhibition.

Featured in the video is the official opening and speeches of Culture Wars II at the Downing Centre – Sydney Legal Courts. The exhibition was on from July 1 to July 31 2015, during a NAIDOC Month of Celebrations. Speakers at the event included Aunty Millie Ingram, Prof. Larissa Behrendt, and Hon. Michael Kirby.‏

Culture War II celebrated a diverse collection of work documenting the dispossession of a now internally displaced People. Gordon Syron: the Murderer, the Boxer, the Romantic, the Friend, the Foe, the Activist, the Aboriginal, the Painter, the Teacher, the Poet, and the Man. Here in a house of justice, formerly a department store window box, hang his life’s work. This Heckler’s Gallery installation responded to and subverted our value system, ready to be judged, absorbed, listened to and heard.

The exhibition was organised and co-curated by Saha Jones and Jordan Reed and the video is by Jake Lloyd Jones.

Opening of culture wars II

Opening of culture wars II


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