Syrons move back to Magnetic Island – plan to open artists’ retreat

Elaine and Gordon Syron have moved back to their home on Magnetic Island. The house, which they originally purchased in 1999, is set in 10 acres of land and is in an inspirational spot, surrounded by trees and near the water.

The Syrons are keen to launch the place as a retreat for artists, performing artists and curators. One artist who recently completed a residency there described it as a ‘place you will fall in love with’. Elaine describes it as an ‘oasis surrounded by eucalypts and paper bark trees.’ The island also has a huge koala sanctuary.

The first artist to visit, Dr Jenny Fraser, created a short film ‘Magnetic Dreaming’ to celebrate the artists retreat and you can see it on You Tube:

Artists who are interested should contact the Syrons at PO BOX 31, Magnetic Island, Queensland, 4819.



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